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What Causes Kidney Stones And Kidney Stone Remedies::What Causes Kidney Stones and Remedies?

What Causes Kidney Stones and Kidney Stone Remedies?

Kidney Stones! Ouch! Pain! Torture! Have these words come to your mind recently. Perhaps worse words even came out of your mouth. Kidney stones are not fun but can be treated. And allowing kidney stones to sit in your kidney can be damaging to your overall health. You should not put off kidney stone treatment!

But what are your options? Will you have surgery to remove the kidney stones? Will you hope the kidneys pass with luck? Or will you dissolve and pass your kidney stones by using a simple natural kidney stones remedy almost 100 years old?

What Causes Kidney Stones?

In most cases, kidney stones are caused by not drinking enough water. Other causes might include: family history, a poor diet, low levels of activity; hotter and humid climates; and some medication side-effects. Typically, kidney stones will develop because of inadequate fluid intake which could be associated with higher protein diets, little purified water, and soda consumption. It should be noted that soda does not directly cause kidney stones. However, because soda leaves you feeling hydrated; your body is slowly becoming dehydrated and not allowing a healthy body flush. The result is tiny stones in the lining of your kidney.

Natural Kidney Stone Remedy

If there is a guaranteed natural kidney stone remedy that works; why hasn't your doctor told you about it? Unfortunately, thousands of our customers have asked us the same question. We even have one customer who even personally asked her doctor. The doctor's response? He didn't know about natural health.

In fact, most doctors are unaware of natural health and natural remedies. Why? Because most medical schools and facilities do not teach their students of simple, effective natural remedies. Unfortunately, at the cliché states "Money makes the world turn" also applies to the medical field.

Have you considered why the pharmaceutical industry is a multi-billion dollar industry? Have you wondered why pharmacists get paid a 6 digit salary for dispensing overly priced medication? Have you wondered why medication prescriptions have expediently grown over the past 2 decades?

Is it possible that the pharmaceutical industry and medical field are walking hand and hand as lucrative business partners?

What will Dissolve Your Kidney Stones

Surprisingly, kidney stones can be dissolved by phosphoric acid (ingredient in soda). Research has proven that phosphoric acid can cause kidney stones and also dissolve them if done properly. A recent report has shown how ex-kidney stone sufferers have actually benefited from consumption of soda when supplemented by adequate amounts of water. How does the remedy work?

Have you ever seen what soda will do to a car paintjob? Dissolve it. Why? Soda contains phosphoric acid that is capable of eroding solid matter (paint and kidney stones). By drinking a specific amount of phosphoric acid (soda) and giving your self a natural body flush with water soluble fiber, you can actually dissolve and pass your kidney stones naturally. In fact, our natural kidney stones remedy is even guaranteed to work in hours!

Be one of the millions who dissolve and pass their kidney stones at home and save thousands in the process. To learn more about a guaranteed, step-by-step natural home-remedy (using phosphoric acid) to dissolve and pass your kidney stones in hours... please check out our Natural Kidney Stone Remedy website today!

Joe Barton works for Barton Publishing Inc., a natural health company specializing in research and education of the natural treatment for kidney stones. Barton Publishing Inc. has helped thousands dissolve and pass their kidney stones naturally with their popular 100% guaranteed natural home-remedy. To discover why Barton Publishing Inc. is leading the way in natural health please visit our website. 
Natural Kidney Stones Remedy

What Causes Kidney Stones And Kidney Stone Remedies::The Secrets to Kidney Stone Treatment The Natural Way

What Causes Kidney Stones And Kidney Stone Remedies::The Secrets to Kidney Stone Treatment The Natural Way

For anyone who is tormented by kidney stones, professionals state that the simplest method for these individuals to treat or care for the trouble would be to purge it from the system. Even though this is possible through the use of medications as well as by means of simplistic surgical methods, it is actually better to accomplish this by natural means. Some of these method are explained below.

One all natural treatment for breaking-down these stones and purging them out from a person's system is by drinking tea. For hundreds of years, herbal teas have been providing people with many of different benefits. One of these benefits happen to be to help expel waste materials that could be hazardous to the body out where they can cause no trouble.

Currently, numerous studies reveal that the most widespread complications of individuals regarding their kidney will be the existence of stones of which, are bits and sections of waste elements produced in this distinct body part. Because they are hard to the touch and can cause much pain when they expand in numbers they are likened to stones. But, unlike the real stones, kidney stones are able to be broken-down and removed when they are found early.

It has become more clear through the years by those that have sought kidney stone treatment that certain tea that contain Chinese herbs such as plantain leaf, meadowsweet, Joe-pye weed, and sarsaparilla-can help the body break down kidney stones because of their natural abilities to get rid of unwanted uric acid in the system.

The herbs mentioned above combined with other herbs such as corn silk, wild yam root, hydrangea root, yarrow leaf, and cramp bark, have been used for centuries by the people of china to make herbal teas with the ability to effectively rapidly dissolve smaller stones. To get this tea to be most potent it must be aged the proper length of time. While this tea will be successful in treating some individuals it will not be helpful for all, particularly for those who have a problem with bleeding easily then another alternative may be needed.

Diuretic tea is another way to kidney stone treatment. The two most used diuretic teas are dandelion or corn silk because they have been found to get faster results. By combining other herbs such as nettle leaf, fennel seed, and oat straw, to diuretic tea it will be more efficient in breaking-down even medium-sized kidney stones.

Not everyone suffering from these stones will like tea as a treatment. Below I have listed 4 more all natural methods used for kidney stone treatment.

1. Drink plenty of water, up to 8 glasses a day to keep your system flushed.

2. Use lemons in your diet to prevent the creation of kidney stones.

3. Try eating foods that have a high fiber content. Since salt, protein, and calcium all contribute to the formation of these stones it is wise to cut back on it's use.

4. It is true that regular exercise can play a major role in over-all health and well-being. It is no less true when it comes to prevention of kidney stones. by staying active you will delay or prevent the formation of this ailment.

The above natural kidney stone treatments are not for everyone or every circumstance. It is always best to get the advice of a professional doctor to diagnose your specific condition. At least this information will give some sufferers an alternative to other medications available.

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