The Green Pharmacy Herbal Handbook

The Green Pharmacy Herbal Handbook

This book is, written by my favorite herbal expert James A. Duke, Ph.D., author of several other great books, including my favorite, best seller, The Green Pharmacy.  This book, much like the other is full of the author's expertise, wisdom and wit, making it not only useful for the budding herbalist, but a pleasure to read.  Dr. Duke was named chief of the Medicinal Plant Laboratory at the USDA in 1977 and is considered the World's foremost authority on herbs.  Just seeing this man's name on the front cover of the book was enough incentive for me to get a copy for myself; however, this is not the only reason to have it.

Dr. Duke, does it again with a well-indexed group of nearly 200 herbs-more than any other herb book I own.  Unlike its predecessor, this book is sectioned by herb species rather than ailment.  Each section starts by addressing and defining the herb and includes a brief history and any personal experience the author may have had with the mentioned herb.  Bulleted under each herbal entry are Therapeutic Uses, Medicinal Properties, Prescription Counterparts, Dosage Options, Safety Rating, and Precautions.  

I absolutely love The Green Pharmacy!  The Green Pharmacy Herbal Handbook (Rodale ISBN 1-57954-184-4) runs a close second and is an outstanding companion and another reflection of the expertise and genius of Dr. Duke.  These two books are simple, concise and every herbalist would truly benefit having a copy of each on the shelf in his herbal library.

I am a retired statistical database designer and stay-at-home mom with 3 children.  I enjoy learning about the complexities of nutrition and nature with respect for God's master design.   My goal is to uncover the mysteries of optimum health and share them with family, friends and others with similar desires.  I currently review products and publish articles for the Bulk Herb Store.   ~Shay McConaughey

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