Ten Warning Signs Of Impending Kidney Failure


Ten Warning Signs Of Impending Kidney Failure

The final stage of a kidney disorder (kidney failure) is signified by completely ceasing of the main functions of the kidney. I know from my own experience that pending kidney failure can be a traumatic time however in some cases taking notice of tell-tale signs of imminent kidney failure early enough and before they progress to the point of becoming a danger to life may give the sufferer the opportunity to get adequate treatment and in some cases, even reverse what may seem to be the obvious (complete kidney failure). If an individual has entered the final stages of kidney failure there is very little that can be done so it is crucial that when a person sees warning signs of possible future kidney problems they seek professional and competent medical advice immediately.

Here are ten warning signs of impending kidney failure, so it is worth keeping a watchful eye on your health.

1. Edema - In its first stage Edema usually just causes swellings in the feet and maybe your legs. But will slowly progress through your whole body. This is due to the kidney increasing its water retention instead of letting water pass through your body.

2. Anemia - The Kidney is a complex organ with one of its main functions is regulating the production of red blood cells (Eerythrocytes or RBC) in your body. Unfortunately as a renal disorder develops red blood cells production will gradually start to decrease.

3. Hematuria - Visible blood clots in your urine stream.

4. Bloody stools - Blood in your stools can sometimes indicate a sign of kidney disease.

5. Sudden behavioural swings - Some people experiencing various stages of kidney problems are more inclined to have mood swings, states of confusion including: delusions and hallucinations.

6. Extreme flank pain - This pains can be very tense and occur in one "flank" of your body, the flank area is on the side of your body between the hip or pelvis and extends to the lowest rib of the rib cage. It is not uncommon for this pain to travel down to the lower abdomen area including the testicles, or groin.

7. A reduction in your urination - a reduction of the amount of fluid passed during urination is not always a sign of kidney disorder, but if you have noticed a reduction in fluid then you should always seek medical assistance.

8. Shortness in breath - Shortening of breath is not unique to kidney failure however it may be brought about by very high blood pressure which is another tell-tale sign of potential kidney complications.

9. Seizures - A person who's kidneys have dilapidated too far can experience seizures, shaking or involuntarily twitching in either an isolated body part - such as legs or arms etc. - or their whole body.

10. Unusual or foul urine smell - A person with kidney failure may notice a sweet and acrid smell emanating from their urine. If this smell persist for any length of time then it is important that you tell your doctor about it.

If you start to see warning signs of possible kidney failure then please do not hesitate to see a doctor as early as possible. Even if you are not suffering from kidney disease at least you will know for sure instead of stressing without conformation. In many instances catching a pending kidney failure early enough and getting on a specialised kidney diet might be enough to treat your illness.

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