Take Good Care of Your Kidneys - Detoxify!

Take Good Care of Your Kidneys - Detoxify!

Take Good Care of Your Kidneys - Detoxify!

Why are the kidneys so important? Although this pair of bean-shaped organs is relatively small, they are responsible for ensuring that the blood circulating in our body is free from harmful organisms, waste products and excess water.

Your kidneys work extra hard to ensure your continued well-being. Every day, 20% of the blood pumped by the heart or approximately 200 quarts of blood passes through your kidneys for cleansing purposes. Every day, at least 2 quarts of unwanted waste materials are sifted from the blood before it is even allowed to return to general circulation.

To really appreciate the role of our kidneys in ensuring our well-being, let us take a peep on how these organs function. Each of these tiny organs is composed of about a million tinier units called "nephrons". Inside these nephrons, a tiny blood vessel ("glomerulus") is intertwined with a tiny urine-collecting tube (tubule). As blood passes through these nephrons, a complex interaction occurs between the glomerulus and the tubule which results in the elimination of wastes in the blood. These waste materials then enter the urinary tract and end up being excreted in the urine.

Aside from sifting the unwanted materials from the blood, the kidneys also take charge of the following functions:

. Regulation of the composition of the blood

. Maintenance of the ideal concentrations of vital substances and ions in the blood

. Sustaining the proper volume of water in the body

. Eliminating toxic wastes from the body

. Maintaining the acid-base concentration of the blood

. Normalizing blood pressure

. Promoting the production of red blood cells

. Maintaining the ideal calcium level in the body

Despite the numerous tasks performed by the kidneys to ensure our safety, it is sad to note that there are a lot of people who neglect to take care of their kidneys properly. In fact, in the United States alone, more than 300,000 people suffer from renal failure every single year! These people are either currently undergoing dialysis or waiting for a kidney transplant. It is also an established fact that an average person like you and me has a 1 to 10 chance in developing a kidney stone in our lifetime. This is undeniably a very alarming figure indeed!

So, what can we do to prevent this from happening? We need to start taking care of our health and to pay attention to our kidneys as well. Two of the leading causes of kidney diseases are diabetes and high blood pressure. Excessive amount of glucose in the blood negatively affects the nephrons and interferes with the normal functioning of the kidneys. High blood pressure, on the other hand, may put excessive strain on the glomerulus thereby interfering with the regular functions of the system. Other kidney infections such as glomerulonephritis and pyelonephritis may also trigger renal failure. Certain drugs can also exert debilitating effects.

To avoid developing kidney troubles, it is therefore necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle. You may start by considering the following tips:

. Maintain a healthy blood pressure

. Limit intake of foods which dramatically increase the blood sugar and cholesterol levels

. Load up on water to prevent dehydration

. Avoid adding too much salt to the diet

. Minimize stress

. Have a regular exercise routine.

. Limit medications to those prescribed by your family physician.

The importance of a kidney cleanse

A good kidney cleanse is vital to keep our kidneys healthy. It is, by definition, any procedure which involves the intake of a large amount of liquid and a healing diet. Sometimes, it is enough to alter our diet to a more healthfy one and to increase our water intake to take advantage of the positive effects of a kidney cleanse. For some cases, however, a more stringent fasting procedure is needed.

Water fasting involves taking in large quantities of water for a specified period of time without food. Juicing (or juice fasting) is also an excellent way to cleanse and detoxify the kidneys. It is less severe than water fasting since it provides the body with the nutrients, minerals, enzymes and energy needed to support the various metabolic processes during the fast. Several herbal recipes have also been concocted to induce a thorough kidney cleanse. Some of the herbs used in these types of kidney cleanses are hydrangea root, gravel root, marshmallow root, ginger root and fresh parsley, to name a few.

With the proper guidance from a qualified medical professional, a good kidney detoxification program coupled with dietary and lifestyle change can dramatically improve your health.

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