Michael Wren's Weight Destroyer Program Review and Recommendations.

Michael Wren's Weight Destroyer Program Review and Recommendations.

If you have not yet purchased Michael Wren's "Weight Destroyer Program" after watching the long drawn out video then read this review. It WILL save you from making a mistake and Tell You How To Get the Results You Seek.

Michael Wren's

I watched the painfully drawn out Michael Wren video also. It's an all too common story actually. Seven years ago, and more recently, 2 years ago, I had the same problem as Michael Wren. Well not quite as dire or dramatic as his story told in the video (assuming it's true); but certainly; I was not feeling as well as I aged past my mid-40's; feeling tired and run down all the time; and that was a new development. That I was 60lbs+ overweight was not a new development.

Like most men who "add 5 lbs per year after college, marriage, and kids"; my weight had slowly but surely continued climbing. I've been a self-employed entrepreneur since age 26, and it always seemed like I could just worry about my health later. I was too busy.

I had tried just about every diet imaginable; my wife started cooking and serving the "healthy stuff"; but to no avail. So a few years later; when I found myself divorced and wanting to date; of course I wanted to look a lot better than I did. And I was tired of being a Fatty as I was quite athletic in my youth and never over-weight.

Plus to make matters worse; my father is a doctor. So I had to constantly hear it from him how I needed to lose weight, yadda, yadda,yadda, (as my step-mother served another 3,500 calorie+ New Orleans creole meal to boot). Yet by the age of 45, like most of you reading this article, I was FEELING the effects of the excess weight. It was robbing me of a higher quality of life ... It had to go.

So I got serious about it ... tried every imaginable diet plan; started exercising heavily; eating more Green Stuff; and starving myself. Nothing worked ... just like Michael Wren's Story.

Then my cousin, 2 weeks younger than I; who looking so shockingly similar to me he could have been my twin; dropped dead in his kitchen, with his wife and 2 daughter's watching. (This REALLY Happened). After that, as expected, my 2 daughters (and everyone else in my family) started applying heavy pressure, because they all knew I worked very long, hard, stressful at times hours. I was a walking time-bomb. I figured if my 1st cousin; who I was close to in my youth; could just drop dead in his kitchen; then I could too. So now; losing the weight became THE MOST IMPORTANT THING; and Fast!

Fortunately, before I had any major health issues; I was introduced to a nutritionist who had me get a bunch of blood work done; and then, custom designed an eating plan for me. This was expensive; I spent over $2,000 on this alone. So when out of curiosity about the topic of the ad that led me to Michael Wren's Video (Urin Color and how much water to drink); I started watching. His story of course sounded familiar.

So I clicked over to see what he was selling; and saw it ... $39.95 (ouch) for an E-book?!! ($29.95 if you try to leave before buying, LOL). All this time the video is still playing and I watched long enough to hear him talk about his eating plan. It sounded VERY SIMILAR to the plan my nutritionist had prepared for me; and suspiciously like a book I read before I embarked on weight loss round #2. (I'll explain that in a minute).

When I got the custom $2,000+ eating plan from my nutritionist; I followed it (complied with it) about 80%. I was imperfect because in this plan there were 2 "laws"; "if it tastes sweet spit it out" (insulin resistance) and "if it comes out of a bag, box, or drive through window don't eat it" (whole foods/real food only). Those 2 laws are really hard to follow; especially if you live in New Orleans.

Michael Wren's Weight Destroyer Program Review

The results? Not much for first 45 days; then over the next 60 days I lost 65 lbs. And this weight stayed off for a few years until my (new) wife got cancer (another story). I felt great again, like I was in my late 20's/early 30's. I met a wonderful woman, and got re-married. Life was back to being all it could be.

Then a bit of tragedy hit. My new wife was diagnosed with 2 different cancers; not good. After a few years of bad stress, poor sleeping, and no exercising habits; I was right back where I started. This time; I tried the previous eating plan and it did NOT work. I knew what had worked before was a Fast Metabolism Diet. What was different was that I needed slightly different foods to produce the same result. I found a book called "The Fast Metabolism Diet", and followed it about 80%(80% compliance again), and got the same results as before; 60lbs off in about 4 months. Another 15 over the next 4 months. And it is still off.

The Fast Metabolism Diet Book Back to Michael Wren's Video, Story, and E-book product. Again Idid NOT buy the e-book for either price BECAUSE there are a few statements in the video that are flat out false if it's good health and vitality you seek. The idea of NOT excercising and NOT eating Fruits and Veggies is completely preposterous. I;m convinced it is the excercise that I do that does more to balance my hormones; help me sleep at night; burn off stress, and stay in great shape and heath.

There IS merit in the inferences made about his eating plan. As "The Fast Metabolism Diet" details; the fastest safest way to lose weight is to EAT YOUR WAY Skinning with whole foods; a great DIVERSITY of whole foods. The trick is finding the combinations and timing that ignight your metabolism like a furnace. The other thing he inferes that you can eat Ice Cream all day ... NOT SO. Remember, most overweight people are also insulin resistance. The way I understand it; it is a condition that develops when you eat too many "white" carbs and sugars and not burn them off (or something like that).

Now I DO exercise 5 days a week. I mostly just take a long walk every day I can. Why? Because look around you; how many people over 60 do you see who are THRIVING who are not also regular excercisers. Not many. It doesn;t have to be complex or special (the exercise); just getting cardiac rate up every day.

Oh and I have included a link to the Amazon Book as an Amazon affiliate (I am an Internet marketer after all). If you think that tarnishes my recommendation then don't buy it with the link. Go Google (or Yahoo) it directly yourself. The bottom line is that for about $12-$15 and a little time, you can buy a book,written by a famous nutritionist for "the Stars"; that will tell you all you need to know; including simple menu's. I follow the foods suggested in the menu's generally; however, I just look at the included foods and cook them the way I want to (hence the 80% compliance). It's more than enough.

So should you buy Michael Wren's Weight Destroyer Program? I did not buy the e-book as I previously said. Too many red flags, and after reading that the quality of the e-book isn;t that good; I would have probably returned it to Clickbank and received an no-questions re-fund. What I do know is that you can get fast metabolism diet information for a lot less money and from many other places as well as authors.

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