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Kidney Stone Remedies With Off The Shelf Supplies:: Secrets to stopping Kidney Pain Right Now

What Should You Do When You Have Bad Kidney Pain and a Kidney Doctor or Lithotripsy Machine is Not Available to Treat Your Kidney Stone Pain?

kidney stone remedies with off the shelf suppliesHave you ever suddenly awakened at night with sharp pain in one or your kidneys? Are you currently experience that helpless feeling and cold sweats that accompanies the pain of passing a kidney stone? Or are you developing a kidney stone and want to obliterate it before it gets bigger and more painful?

Then relax, because help is a quick drive to the grocery store away. That’s right! The most effective kidney stone treatment next to an expensive painful trip to a lithotripsy machine, awaits you at the corner grocery store.

Actually there are many natural solutions to kidney stones which cause your body to naturally dissolve them. Additionally many products exists that promote healthy kidneys and  will make it easy for your to keep painful kidney stones from re-occurring.

I discovered how powerful the “Grocery Store” remedy was personally last year. I woke up with incredible pain on the right side of my mid to lower back. I had never experienced a kidney stone before, so I wasn’t sure what was going on.

Adding to the confusion is the fact that I have had extensive spinal surgery in my lower lumbar and mid-thoracic areas. Was this merely a muscles spasm from scar tissue? Or was this some new pain? It was clearly something I had not felt before, and based on an anatomical guess, I guessed that it was my kidney (correctly).

And did it hurt? The pain was like post spine surgical pain. All I could think was how I wanted it stopped right away.

Yet of course, this was happening on a weekend, when conventional treatments were not available. And even if they had been, with my health insurance, I would have to cover the first $5,000 of treatment. There had to be an alternative.

So I did what you are doing right now. I searched the Internet and stumbled across this e-book. I spent $29 to get the e-book as the author guaranteed satisfaction.

The e-book was short, and within 10 minutes, I was on  my way to the grocery store to get the 2 ingredients that I did not have at home. A full hour later I was administering the remedy. And about an hour after that it was all over.

It was like a miracle. My kidney pain, which was clearly from a kidney stone, was gone, just like that. The cost? $29 + about $6 at the grocery store. I was shocked at how simple it was, and more importantly how effective it was.

Now I take preventative measures using some of the other products on this website so keep my kidneys and liver fully detoxified and healthy. What started with intense kidney stone pain, has resulted in a simple, inexpensive daily dietary practice which prevents stones from re-forming and gives me a tremendous increase and energy.

End your Kidney Stone pain right now with kidney stone remedies with off the shelf supplies.

For more information about the author Jim Rivas click here.

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Kidney Stone Remedies With Off The Shelf Supplies::primary foods you should eat to maintain good kidney health

kidney stone remedies with off the shelf supplies

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