Should You Have Heavy Metal Detox to Protect Your Kidneys?

Should You Have Heavy Metal Detox to Protect Your Kidneys?

heavy metal detox for kidneysWhat is heavy metal detox? This is a detoxifying process that is specially developed to help save the kidneys from damages inflicted by heavy metals. Flushing out the ingested heavy metal toxins from the body places too much stress and pressure to the kidneys. Thus, a detoxification program is definitely needed to spare the vital organ.

However, the plan that will detoxify heavy metal substances should not include essential nutrients, too. A known detox formulation is called 'Mineral Support Formula.' This heavy metal detox uses a formula that contains vitamins and minerals to assist the body during the cleansing period.

One natural heavy metal detox method is through sweating profusely for fifteen minutes. Staying in the sauna for about an hour will ensure heavy perspiration oozing from skin pores. This process will let the kidneys stop working and take a rest for a few hours.

How to protect the kidneys through heavy metal detox diet program:

1. Drink a glass of shake that contains bentonite clay and psyllium everyday. Mix in 1 or 2 Tbsp of each ingredient.

2. Take in 2 servings of the herbal supplement 'Mineral Support Formula' after an hour and a half later.

During the kidney detox period, the toxic metals will be released and will typically flow into to liver, which will bind the metals with amino acids so that it will be flushed out through bowel. However, this process does not ensure permanent elimination of those harmful metals; thus psyllium-bentonite shake that you are required to consume. This formulation will attract the metals and send them out of the body.

A word of caution: fasting is not a good partner for any heavy metal detox because it weakens the body too much.

Most people find this type of detoxification extremely difficult to finish. Some people even find food intolerable during the metal cleansing period. It is strongly recommended to consult a doctor first to avoid side effects that may affect the liver or the brain. To be on the safe side, just use the sauna and sweat out those toxins from your system.

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