Extended Kidney Detox: Parsley's Vitamin And Cleansing Benefits

Extended Kidney Detox: Parsley's Vitamin And Cleansing Benefits

Have you ever tasted a spice which is not only delicious but also vibrant and full of healing properties? You might be thinking it's the powerful ginger again but it's not only it. In today's episode, we're going to cover another kidney-friendly herb which has been used in traditional herbal diuretics that have supported the body's cleansing and detoxification capabilities. Well, one of them is one of the most popular herbs called Parsley. Parsley actually came from the Greek words meaning "rock celery" while parsley is also relative to celery.

Parsley is undeniably appreciated as food decoration most of the times but that wouldn't hinder its strong advantage to health because here stated are the reasons you should take note of it. While you may be one of those who still do not recognize parsley as full-packed vegetable, you now have to know that parsley is another wonderfully created healing food more than the way it garnishes dishes in various delicious meals.

With its vibrant green color, it actually carries storehouse of nutrients. If you're just going to turn back when parsley has been used in the Mediterranean ages, parsley was used as a medicine for more than 2,000 years ago prior to being consumed as food. It belongs to the Petroselinum cripum family of plants or the Umbelliferae family where various types of it have been widely used and has become popular including the curly leaf variety and the turnip-rooted also known as Hamburg parsley. Since then, parsley has been cultured to take part onto healthy diet recommendations and cleansing purposes.

What Does Parsley Contain?

Parsley provides various amounts of nutrients essential for giving the body more vitamins and minerals plus helping the vital organs (especially the kidneys) to perform its tasks. According to the Food Rating System, parsley contains 153.8% of Vitamin K, around 13% Vitamin A, 17% Vitamin C and 3% Iron and Folate accordingly. Thus, even a spig of parsley can already provide you with much more decoration on your plate with its plateful of health benefits!

Additionally, parsley has unique health function which may seem unusual. These two types of unusual components include flavinoids and volatile oils providing limonene, alpha-thujene, and myristicin

Parsley's Optimum Detox Capabilities

Parsley's volatile oils as mentioned are said to reduce tumor formations through the myristicin. Myristicin activates the body's glutathione-S-transferase which is responsible for giving optimal immune system, attaching molecule glutathione to oxidized molecules preventing the body to get easily damaged due to straining activities and exposure to toxins.

As a result, parsley lines up with few herbs considered as "chemoprotective foods" specialized to eliminate carcinogens that have been stuck for years and years inside the body and prevent it from multiplying. While detoxification is highly targeted on keeping the body free from toxins, parsley's way of helping the body and the vital organs perform its natural defenses is going to be a headstart.

Flavonoids on the other hand especially the luteolin is another great source of antioxidant as it combines with highly reactive oxygen-carrying molecules or oxygen radicals to help prevent oxygen damages to cells.

How To Enjoy Parsley?

Enjoying parsley has never been difficult though since you're just used to take parsley to garnish your "special" dishes, this time it's going to be your star ingredient for your detox diet.

Quick tip: Fresh parsley must be wasted first and foremost before adding it onto meals since it's highly fragile. Best way to clean is as if you're washing spinach where you place it in a bowl of cold water and just swish it with your hands. This will let any dirt to dislodge straightaway. Also, remove the leaves from the water to empty the bowl and then refill it with clean, cold water again to repeat the process until there's no dirt left.

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